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Philippe Trudeau

Residential and commercial real estate broker

An expert in customer service, Philippe has developed his interpersonal skills and work ethic by working in the hospitality sector for over 15 years. As a result, his client-oriented approach has been highlighted by his clients over the course of more than 7 years working as a real estate broker.

Philippe relies on long-term relationships of trust, and distinguishes himself by his enthusiasm, his rigor and his negotiation skills.

Using his knowledge of the real estate market, in combination with his integrity and professionalism, he endeavours to obtain the satisfaction of his clients. ''I am always striving to improve, and to offer a quality service that meets all your needs ''.

Philippe puts forward the desire to achieve the best results for each transaction while keeping up with the latest technology.

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Pierre Trudeau

Residential and commercial real estate broker

Pierre practiced real estate law as a lawyer for over 25 years before starting a new career as a real estate broker in 2010.

A skilled negotiator, he knows how to use his experience and in-depth knowledge of all facets of real estate to meet the varied needs of his clients.

Pierre knows how to adequately protect his clients; and how to empower them to fully achieve their goals. His knowledge and experience, as well as his pleasant demeanour, create an optimal environment for clients to feel confident about important decisions.

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